Medium 2-topping* pizza

*Additional charge for premium toppings. Minimum of 2 required.

AED 55.00


Popular dishes

  • Garden Pizza

    Organic Garden Pizza

    Ingredients: Homemade tomato sauce, Mozzarella Roasted capsicum, Caramelized onion, Mushroom Zucchini, Broccoli, Olives, Tomato Shrimp,…
    Add to cart AED 55.00
  • Italiana Pizza

    Organic Italiana Pizza

    Ingredients: Homemade tomato sauce, Mozzarella Crunchy rocket leaves Cherry tomato topped with burrata cheese, Shrimp…
    Add to cart AED 55.00
  • Organic Spicy Chicken With Ranch Sauce Pizza

    Ingredients: Homemade tomato sauce, Chicken Shrimp, Red Capsicum, Green Capsicum Onion, Chilli flakes, Lemon Pepper…
    Add to cart AED 65.00
  • Meat lovers Pizza

    Organic Meat lovers Pizza

    Ingredients:  Homemade tomato sauce Mozzarella Capsicum Beef salami Chicken breast/Beef bacon Our pizza is made…
    Add to cart AED 75.00
  • Marinara Pizza

    Organic Marinara Pizza

    Ingredients: Homemade tomato sauce Mix seafood toasted in garlic butter and chili, Shrimp Red Capsicum,…
    Add to cart AED 70.00
  • Margherita pizza

    Organic Margherita pizza

    Ingredients: Homemade tomato sauce Fresh basil,Shrimp Red Capsicum,Green Capsicum Onion,Chilli flakes,Aioli Lemon Pepper,Mozzarella These Margherita…
    Add to cart AED 50.00
  • Diavola Pizza

    Organic Diavola Pizza

    Ingredients: • Homemade tomato sauce • Mozzarella • Beef salami • Chili flakes Diavola Pizza…
    Add to cart AED 55.00
  • Visovio Pizza

    Organic Vesuvio pizza

    Ingredients: Mozzarella Artichokes Rocca Cherry tomato Grana cheese Vesuvio Pizza is a vegan-friendly pizza with…
    Add to cart AED 60.00
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