Organic Grilled Knuckle Steak


  1. Steak
  2. potato cream
  3. pumpkin sauce
  4. mixed vegetables
  5. Burrata cheese
  6. Cherry Tomatoes

Our Grilled Knuckle Steak is a hearty and flavorful meal for meat lovers. Made with high-quality beef, our chefs expertly grill the steak to your preferred level of doneness, creating a smoky and savory flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Grilled Knuckle Steak is a great source of protein and essential nutrients. The beef is grilled to perfection, creating a juicy and tender texture that pairs perfectly with garlic and rosemary’s savory and aromatic flavor. Try our Grilled Knuckle Steak today and savor the rich and savory flavors of high-quality beef.

AED 95.00


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