Organic Vanilla caramel Sauce One Scoop

This Organic Vanilla Caramel Sauce is One Scoop of Heaven! As you know, we’re huge fans of organic food here at One Green Planet. So when we found this amazing organic vanilla caramel sauce, we just had to share it with you! This rich and creamy sauce is made with only the finest ingredients, including organic butter, sugar, and cream. It’s perfect for topping ice cream, or fruit, or just eating straight from the spoon! Here are five reasons why you’ll love this delicious sauce:

  • It’s made with real, natural ingredients. 
  • It’s free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and colorings. 
  • It’s gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. 
  • It’s perfect for topping your favorite desserts.

AED 10.00


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