Organic Vesuvio pizza


  • Mozzarella
  • Artichokes
  • Rocca
  • Cherry tomato
  • Grana cheese

Vesuvio Pizza is a vegan-friendly pizza with mozzarella, artichokes, Rocca, cherry tomato, and grana cheese. Pure Organic designed the pizza to provide a nutritious and delicious alternative to traditional pizza. Vesuvio Pizza is made with fresh ingredients and is customizable to your preference. All of the ingredients are vegan free and contain no dairy or meat products. It makes the pizza a great option for those looking to reduce their intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. Vesuvio Pizza is also gluten-free and grain-free, making it a good choice for people with dietary restrictions. The pizza is delivered fresh and ready to eat so that you can enjoy it immediately.

AED 60.00


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