Organik Karışık Izgara


  1. Egg plant kabab, Turkey kabab, Shysh tawuq
  2. Shysh kabab, Parsley, Garlic, Hummus, Bulgur
  3. Grilled tomato, Dough bread, Biwaz
  4. Grilled onion, Chili green
  5. Acili ezme, Carrot tartar

Karışık izgara is a popular Turkish dish that consists of a mixed grill of meats. The dish typically includes lamb chops, chicken kebabs, beef fillet, and lamb kidneys. The meats are seasoned with various herbs and spices and then perfectly grilled. The dish is often served with rice or bulgur pilaf, grilled vegetables, and a yogurt sauce.

AED 185.00


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